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3 Benefits from Pairing Beacons and a Proximity Advertising App

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Before Bluetooth technology, proximity advertising has been in the form of QR codes and promotion signs. Now stores are seeing more conversions pairing Bluetooth beacons with a mobile app.

There are 3 major benefits from pairing beacons with an app that uses proximity advertisements:

  • Implementing multi-channel marketing
  • Enhancing customer experience
  • Tracking customer and store data

“The proximity marketing market is expected to be worth USD 52.46 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 29.8% between 2016 and 2022.” (Source)

Implementing Multi-channel Marketing

Today, mobile apps are on the list of marketing channels for many businesses– small to corporate. This is largely due to the increase of smartphones worldwide and the time spent in mobile apps.

Customers want one thing: convenience.

Example: Customers scroll through promotions in the app before heading out to shop. Then, they save the deals they plan on using.

To benefit from Bluetooth beacons, you must pair them with an app to transmit data. Since beacons pinpoint the location of the app user, promotion notifications are very accurate and effective.

“40% of smartphone users said they would download the app if it provided offers on products they purchase.” (Source)

Communicating through a branded app improves customer loyalty. To maintain loyal customers, you must provide exclusive content. And by pairing beacons with your app, promotions reach the right customers at the right time with the right message, thus increasing sales conversions.

Enhancing Customer Experience

You can enhance customer experience and personalization by allowing the customer to choose the messages they receive through notification preferneces. Notification preferences can cover any number of topics such as women’s clothing, coffee, or electronics.

When passing a beacon, relevant notifications are sent to the app user’s smartphone such as:

  • Deals and promotions
  • News and events
  • Safety alerts

“67% of consumers said that if an app sent them messages and deals they would want them to be personalised to their preferences.” (Source)

Shopping centers are finding more experiential ways to attract customers by adding pop-ups, spas, gyms, apartments, etc. Soon, customers will enter a shopping center with no intentions of buying anything. However, proximity marketing will guide these customers into stores with tailored promotions.

Tracking Customer and Store Data

Beacons alone only collect location information, but the data becomes immense when paired with an app.

When is this relevant?

  • Personalizing customer experience
  • Optimizing proximity marketing campaigns

Example: If the app user logs into the app with social media, the data collected may include name, birthday, email, demographics, and more. With this info, you can personalize the in-app experience for the customer.

Read more about collecting data here!

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