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About Appadia

Appadia is a Mobile Advertisement Platform that delivers Proximity based Advertising, Promotion, Coupons and other information to shoppers carrying Bluetooth enabled smartphones.
The main strength of this platform is in its simplicity. We want this technology to be accessible to all sizes of Malls and shops from all over the world. The platform creates and manages native Mobile Apps for Malls and shopping centers that are published through the Apple iTune store and the Google Play store. These apps are available to the shoppers using iPhones and Android phones. Apple Watch users can receive deals on their watches too.
While providing the Malls with the Mobile apps with the latest features that provide shoppers all the utility and information required, we also create a channel to deliver Proximity Advertisement.
We install and manage Proximity Beacons which are compatible with the iBeacon (Apple) and Eddystone (Google) standard. We are brand agnostic and that provides us the possibility to get the best in the market technology to use a triggers for our Advertisement Engine. Besides Beacons we also use GPS and Wifi technology.
The Retailers get access to a comprehensive yet easy to use dashboard which is accessible from computers, tablets and mobile phones. From this dashboard the shops and brands can create and manage advertising, deals and promotions. They can be created on the fly or created and saved for future use or schedule for particular day, date or time.
The whole system gives a huge advantage for shoppers. The deals are delivered to the mall visitors to their very hands through the mobile apps. This makes for an enhanced shopping experience.
The team at Appadia continues to develop the most exciting technology to come in the future that will disrupt the way we shop.