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Tourism Apps for the Connected Traveler

Read time: 2 minutes 70% of all travelers have done travel research on their smartphone (Source). It’s time to consider a tourism app built for the Connected Traveler that will simplify the visitor’s planning process and optimize their stay in your city. Due to a TripAdvisor study, the term “Connected Traveler” was born. Common Demographics: Lives in US […]

Full Proximity Advertising Service Now Available from US-based Ad Tech Company Appadia

About Appadia San Jose, California⎼ In 2016, Appadia was created for shopping centers and retailers to disrupt the way we shop. The platform improves customer experience using location-based smart ads. This proximity advertising (PAD) platform sends relevant notifications (such as deals, news, events, and safety alerts) into the hands of shoppers based on location and […]

5 Signs Retail Should Invest in Proximity Marketing

Read time: 3 minutes All retailers should be implementing personalization with customers, and proximity advertising is making this easier than ever in retail. Proximity marketing tools have become accessible and affordable over the past few years, even for brick and mortar stores. No matter how big or small your company, this is why and how […]

How to Solve the 3 Biggest Problems with Customer Experience

Read time: 3 minutes The saturated retail industry provides customers endless options when shopping around. Retailers have to step up their game and provide a seamless in-store customer experience to convince people to shop in-store instead of online. These three problems discourage customers from leaving their couches to visit retail stores: dysfunctional technology meant to […]

3 Benefits from Pairing Beacons and a Proximity Advertising App

Read time: 2 minutes Before Bluetooth technology, proximity advertising has been in the form of QR codes and promotion signs. Now stores are seeing more conversions pairing Bluetooth beacons with a mobile app. There are 3 major benefits from pairing beacons with an app that uses proximity advertisements: Implementing multi-channel marketing Enhancing customer experience Tracking […]