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Attract more visitors by delivering deals through mobile Mall App
Proximity Advertising through Mobile Apps
Using Beacons, GPS and wifi
Earn additional revenue from your properties


How does it work?


Shoppers use Mall Apps, Shopping Apps, Store Apps, Branded apps


Retailers access PAD (Proximity Advertising) system Dashboard


Create Deals, Promotion, Coupons etc.


Select store location or specific Beacon


When shopper is nearby a push notification alerts the deal


Detailed promotion / deals lead the shopper to the shop


  • Enhance branding through your own Mobile App
  • Offer Mall shopper information and utilities
  • Promotions, Events and safety information through Push notifications
  • Track and obtain shopper data
  • Fidelity

Mall App Features

  • Mall information
  • Push notification enabled
  • Display Mall information in detail
  • Floor plans
  • Indoor navigation for directions*
  • Shop directory
  • Shop Search
  • Categories and Brands
  • Easy to use dashboard to manage app
  • Deals

  • Shops

    • Browse through Stores
    • Store Catalogue
    • Store search
    • Store locator
    • Directions to shops*
    • *available with indoor location option
  • Mall info

    • Showcase the Mall / Shopping center
    • Photos
    • Maps, location and directions
    • Opening hours, holidays etc.
    • Social Media integration
    • Events
    • Safety
    • Mall promotions
  • News, Events & Safety

    • Engage with Mall visitors
    • Provide utility information
    • Real time push notifications
    • News
    • Events
    • Safety alerts
    • Easy to manage dashboard
  • Notifications

    • All notification in one place
    • Stays on the mobile App
    • Updates in real time
    • Sync with the Cloud system
    • Auto delete of irrelevant and outdated notifications
    • Access deals from notifications
    • Scroll and browse
  • Easy Navigation

    • Designed with User Experience in Mind
    • Modular and upgradeable
    • Direct access to Stores and Deals
    • Easy access to Mall information
    • News, Events and Safety
    • Parking info dynamic integration with parking system*
    • Cinemas and Entertainment*
    • Register and Login using email or Facebook
    • *available as an option
  • Notification preferences

    • Provides users complete control
    • Select categories
    • Select Brands from settings
    • Push Notification based on preferences
    • Deals and promotions filtered
    • Easy to select and deselec