Appadia Proximity Marketing

Full Proximity Advertising Service Now Available from US-based Ad Tech Company Appadia

About Appadia

San Jose, California⎼ In 2016, Appadia was created for shopping centers and retailers to disrupt the way we shop. The platform improves customer experience using location-based smart ads. This proximity advertising (PAD) platform sends relevant notifications (such as deals, news, events, and safety alerts) into the hands of shoppers based on location and preferences.

As trends evolve, retail technology is important for shoppers to engage with your brand. However, Appadia understands that not all markets are financially ready for retail tech yet. To combat this, Appadia created a business model with no investment from their clients. For a monthly subscription, Appadia provides the entire proximity advertising solution. The solution includes marketing software, a user-friendly dashboard, a branded and multilingual app, beacons, and more.

Adding Proximity Advertising Management 

This new business model is unrivaled in the retail industry. Appadia is now offering the same solution as above with the addition of  app management. The client will have a designated Appadia staff member updating the app and providing monthly reports. This solution will also be subscription-based. Appadia reinvests 50% of your subscription fee to promote your app through digital and print media.

Appadia is now considering malls for free trials up to 6 months to test this new service. To learn more about Appadia or the free trial, please contact us!