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Tourism Apps for the Connected Traveler

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70% of all travelers have done travel research on their smartphone (Source). It’s time to consider a tourism app built for the Connected Traveler that will simplify the visitor’s planning process and optimize their stay in your city. Due to a TripAdvisor study, the term “Connected Traveler” was born.

Common Demographics:

  • Lives in US (48%)
  • Millennials (32%)
  • Families (20%)
  • No children (19%)
  • Male (51%)

By definition, the Connected Traveler has used a smartphone to plan and book accommodations and activities before going on vacation. They’re more likely than the average traveler to use their smartphone for travel research while in their destination.

 44% use their smartphone while on vacation to organize their trip more efficiently.

As a result, this will lead to increased visitor spending and planning longer trips. Also with proximity marketing as an app feature, you can improve branding, visibility, and cost-efficient marketing. This will benefit both your destination marketing organization and local businesses.

The Connected Traveler vs. All Travelers

The Connected Traveler may be the early adopter of your tourism app, but other travelers also make significant use of their phones for trip research. The table below compares the Connected Traveler using their smartphone on vacation with all travelers.

Smartphone Use

The Connected Traveler All Travelers

Look for accommodation



Look for restaurants 72%


Look for things to do 67%


Get directions/use maps 81%


Integrating Proximity Marketing

With a tourism app, it’s best to include information about accommodation, shops and restaurants, activities, and wayfinding. There is a possibility to integrate proximity marketing into each one of these. Some examples are:

Appadia Proximity Marketing Tourism App

  • Accommodation: welcome messages and exclusive offers
  • Shops and restaurants: deals and promotions
  • Activities: event times and nearby attractions
  • Wayfinding: city culture and safety tips

No matter what, there’s always a way to send the right message to the right person at the right time using the Appadia proximity marketing platform.

Appadia Proximity Marketing Platform

For a proposal, please email Marissa Wehrer, Manager of Strategic Partnerships, at

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